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Pershing's Crusaders

Pershing’s Crusaders

This WWI footage features: Rubble in Belgium; the Lusitania and German naval ships in N.Y. harbor; Pres. Wilson in his office; and Liberty Loan statistics. Draft questionnaires are indexed. Army clothing and shoes are made. Shows a post laundry. Troops visit Red Cross, Y.M.C.A., and K. of C. clubrooms. Shows panoramic views of a shipyard.

Saint Mihiel

WWI – Saint Mihiel

How do you water 250 horses in an hour? Like this! German prisoners being used for litter carrying, field artillery, engineering, etc.

The Air Force Story: Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The Air Force Story: Chapter 1 – The Beginning

From civil war balloons to gliders, from the Wright Brothers to World War One – this is the first chapter of the story of the US Army Air Corps which later became the US Air Force. Includes Billy Mitchell, Eddie Rickenbacker, the Lafayette Escadrille, WWI dogfights.

The Second (Neufchateau) Training Area - Jan/Feb, 1918

The Second (Neufchateau) Training Area – Jan/Feb, 1918

Italian troops arrive at Neufchateau, troops with packs march by, troops in snowy trenches. Line of soldiers perform gas mask drill, man jumps on house, men work on horseshoes, clipping horses. Crowd attends religious service outside, priest speaks to crowd, army band, soldiers march in streets. Officers sit on horseback, soldiers march across a field while Gen. C.R. Edwards reviews 104th Infantry troops pass in review at Harrieville-les-Chanteurs, soldiers pose with civilians, pies baked for the 101st Inf., parade of soldiers led by band, funeral parade, burial at a Neufchateau cemetery, men carry coffin of dead soldier, seven gun salute.

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