OSS Film – Basic Training for Agents – outtakes (Part 1)

Unedited raw film shows various phases of initial training for OSS Agents.

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  • Laura Eide Weber

    My Dad Olav Eide was in Percy Red…..

  • rolf herstad

    Opening shot of two columns marching positive Id is Edward Kjellness number 21 right column. Kjelness was killed in crash of b-24 code name BERGE after aborted drop to reinforce RYPE near SNASA in Norway march 30, 1945. Crash was in Orkney IIslands with lone survivor co-pilot.. Man featured in snowsuit closeup with 45 thompson is also Kjelness. Other positve ID is number 9 left column-Leif Oistad who was with RYPE in Norway and was generally considered the best skier. Still trying to ID Dad , Arne I Herstad who has a couple of look-alikes that are ,because of clarity causing me fits. Im leaniing towards number 17 or 28 in right column or number 4-20-or 35 in left but they have similer features and its a real miindboggler. These men dropped in several operational groups the first of which was percy red the night of july 31/Aug. 1 1944 near Limoges, France with the other groups in the weeks after and in to early September..

  • rolf herstad

    Norwegian Special Operations Group fall of 1943