OSS Weapons Film – The Campbell “Boat” Missile (Part 2)

Shows series of tests on the secret WWII waterborne missile “Campbell,” remotely controlled by radio and, believe it or not, television. This missile is disguised as fishing boat, harbor utility, or enemy supply boat. Explains detonation, discusses speed and range. Identifies equipment. Lists advantages, explosives used, factors which determine choice of disguise. Illustrations show where equipment is located and how it is camouflaged. Slow motion sequence demonstrates effectiveness of missile on test target. Footage incorporates images from a plane circling the test target, from the missile itself and from surface shots from ships nearby. The monitor is linked to a camera aboard the “boat”. Underwater cinematography and narrated excerpts from divers’ reports assess damage to target. Includes actual sounds of various engine speeds as heard through hydro phonic detectors during tests.

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