Scenes Near The Somme Offensive

September 24 – October 21, 1918. Shows street scenes in Bellicourt and Nauroy. Brit. artillery shells German trenches at Busigny. Shows rubbled streets and a damaged cathedral in St. Quentin. Gens. Read and Simonds inspect sunken barges at Le Catelet, former enemy positions, and a U.S. cemetery. Shows an abandoned “Big Bertha” at Cappy-sur-Somme. Brit. and Australian engineers repair roads and railroads. French refugees leave Busigny and return to homes in Cambrai and Amiens. Civilians parade in Bohain. U.S. and Brit. troops sightsee in Premont and Australian troops entrain for rest camps.

Video Views:   Runtime:   15:24 Year:   1918
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