Video of The Week: How To Hide a Tank In Plain Site

In WWII outnumbered Allied tank battalions had to devise clever means of concealment and camouflage.  In Africa they made use of the natural resources around them to create special dyes and created “dummy” tanks.  So how do you hide a tank in plain sight?  Surround it with a number of fake tanks.

Video Views:   Runtime:   2:33 Year:   1945
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  • soulplane

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  • Joecool

    Allied outnumbered by German Tank — hilarious  )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Brianz

    I can see how the dummy tanks fooled the enemy from the air. Studies show that we see what we expect to be there, and even from the ground they look good enough to fool you at a passing glance.

  • Anonymous

    I love stuff like this. People have no idea how much effort goes into camouflage. If only the current ACU’s worked as well as these dummy tanks in hiding our soldiers.