Video of The Week: WWII Color Military Mystery Film – Help Us: What is this?

Can you identify where and when this color WWII film was taken?  This film
was spliced to another years ago and turned up in our research.  What were
the soldiers and sailors up to?  Looks like preparations for an amphibious
assault, but where?  When?  Please add your commentary to the video page.

Video Views:   Runtime:   2:05 Year:   ????
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  • mecooper745

    The first part of this film is obviously in North Africa during the “Run for Tunis”. The status board shows the 48th, 49th, and 94th Fighter Squadrons which were part of the 12th Army Air Force.

  • K1RMC

    Looks like film clips from training exercises. I spotted a 3rd ID patch on the Army Officer on the bridge. Just my two cents………