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The Colonel's Picks

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The Firing Squad Execution of General Dostler - Warning Graphic Images

The Firing Squad Execution of General Dostler – Warning Graphic Images

In the first Allied war trial after the war, German General Anton Dostler was tried in Rome and found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death. This remarkable footage, taken from several angles, shows General Dostler’s last minutes before he met his death by firing squad on Dec 1st, 1945. Dostler was accused of carrying out an illegal order: the execution of fifteen men of the U.S. Army. They had posed as Italian civilians in March 1944 after they landed on the Italian coast about 100 kilometers north of La Spezia, Italy. Their mission was to demolish a railroad tunnel between La Spezia and Genoa. Two days later, the group was captured by a party of Italian Fascist soldiers and members of the German army. The captured U.S. soldiers were interrogated and one of the U.S. officers revealed the story of the mission. This information was then sent to Dostler at the 75th German Army Corps. The following day (March 25), Dostler sent a telegram to the 135th Fortress Brigade ordering that the captured soldiers be executed. The 15 Americans were executed on the morning of March 26.

Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII

Raw footage of Pope Pius XII. His leadership of the Catholic Church during World War II and The Holocaust remains the subject of continued historical controversy.

Hitler's Color Home Movies shot by his Mistress Eva Braun

Hitler’s Color Home Movies shot by his Mistress Eva Braun

Adolph Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun had a lifelong interest in photography and their closest friends called her the Rolleiflex Girl (after the well-known camera model). She did her own darkroom processing and most of the color stills and movies of Hitler are her work. These randomly clipped together scenes feature a Nazi Rally, Eva and her friends at play, and several scenes of Hitler in private moments.

Canadian Army Newsreel 1944

Canadian Army Newsreel 1944

Canadian Army Newsreel – First Canadian Parachute Battalion gets ready for service overseas. Canadian Skytoop Wings are earned. Canadians build a great RAF airport. Pre D-Day practices. Italy sports day. Italy rain troubles. Sicilian campaign support. Thanksgiving Day in Italy. Montgomery’s Eighth Army Advances.

OSS Film - Nassau Bahamas Underwater Training

OSS Film – Nassau Bahamas Underwater Training

Covers the training of OSS personnel for underwater demolition at Salt Key, Nassau, in the Bahama Islands during World War II. Training involves student operation of Lambertson underwater diving unit, demolitions, automatic weapons, radio, rubber boat assembly and use, navigation and night problems.

OSS Weapons Film - Blind Bombing

OSS Weapons Film – Blind Bombing

Cutting edge technology at the time. Shows the top secret devices called “Rebecca-Eureka” used during World War II for low-level bombing over blind targets. Explains how Rebecca, an airborne radar unit, transmits pulses to Eureka, a ground beacon, which directs aircraft to specific destinations for both dropping and landing operations behind enemy lines. Early techniques of the forward air controller.

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